Wide Oak Flooring.

The next best thing to a solid floor, as it has a significant wear layer for re-sanding is usually fixed directly to the substrate and comes in a variety of colours & grades.

Wide European and American Oak flooring can be a form of engineered flooring in that the underside is plywood and the surface 4 – 6mm is a veneer of Oak. The surface is usually stained and coated although there are some choices that offer a sanded but uncoated surface that just requires polishing and coating following installation. Wide Oak comes in the following profiles:

  • 4 x 15 x 189mm Wide Oak Flooring -Supplied and Installed from $160 per m2.
  • 6 x 20 x 220/240/260mm Wide Oak Flooring -Supplied and Installed from $175 per m2.
  • 152 x 19mm Solid Oak Prefinished -Supplied and Installed from $170 per m2

Wide Oak Advantages

Whilst Wide Oak is priced somewhere between Engineered flooring and Solid flooring to supply and install, one of the most versatile characteristics is that it is best directly fixed to the substrate, whilst engineered flooring is best floated on an underlay.

What this means is:

  • Like solid timber flooring Wide Oak is directly fixed to the substrate which means the substrate doesn’t have to be perfect (as is the case with engineered flooring). A professional supplier/installer will submit levelling as a variation following removal of furniture and existing floorcoverings. Levelling the substrate for an engineered floor can be a lot more expensive than levelling for a solid or Wide Oak floor as a directly fixed product can adhere to the slight variations but and floating engineered floor will have movement underfoot if levelling isn’t extensive.
  • Sanding and polishing of engineered floor is becoming less possible over time due to the introduction of engineered flooring with less than half a millimetre of timber veneer, even the standard products are only 2mm in thickness, with a wear layer of 4mm on the 15mm Wide Oak and 6 mm on the 20mm product, Wide Oak has the same wear layer as solid flooring and can be sanded more than once over it’s lifetime.

Technical Information, warranties and colour ranges on our popular Wide Oak products are easily researched and referred to on our supplier’s websites:



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