Taking Care of Timber Laminate Floors

Laminate is made from pressed wood which makes laminate flooring durable and scratch resistant – as well as being easy to clean. That doesn’t mean there isn’t some simple tips you need to remember to preserve the look and feel of your new laminate floors.

  • What tools do I need to clean?

You can use a mop, a soft bristle broom or a vacuum cleaner that has suction only and no beater bar (a vacuum that has a bristle spiral that rotates brushes when vacuuming – it may cause scratching).

  • What products do I use to clean?

Your local hardware store will have a selection for you. Spray the cleaner onto a microfiber mop and then do an almost dry mop.

  • What products should I avoid using?

Avoid using any kind of soap – you’ll end up with slippery floors. Avoid using any steam mops or wet cleaning systems. You want to skip using anything with oil, polish or wax in it as they will leave a film on your laminate floor leaving them look lacklustre. Always read floor cleaning instructions and ensure they’re designed for laminate floors. When in doubt – ask.

  • How often should I clean my laminate floors?

This is a personal decision and depends on the traffic in your home. To keep the laminate floors shiny and with that new gloss feeling – at least once a week is recommended.

  • Don’t spray cleaner directly on the floor.

This can cause staining.

  • Always do a dry clean first.

Run a microfibre dusting mop or soft bristled broom along the floors to clear away any particles that may cause scratching when you vacuum or mop.

  • Use floor protectors on your furniture.

These relatively cheap items from your local hardware store will protecting floors from scratching by placing them underneath such furniture items as; kitchen stools, dining table chairs, etc.  Never drag furniture on the floors – always carry.

  • Use cotton or other breathable rugs on your floors.

Avoid using rugs that have rubber or vinyl backing as they can trap moisture underneath and cause damage to the floors.

  • Shoes off at the door.

Stop dirt at the door and potential damage caused by wearing shoes around the home. Ensure there’s a mat at each entrance for people to wipe their shoes.

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