Solid, Kiln Dried Hardwood Flooring.

Australian species hardwood flooring sourced only from reputable mills with a proven background of compliance with sustainable harvesting.

Australian Hardwoods come in a variety of colours, tones and levels of hardness, which all create interesting choices and options.

Solid Timber flooring can be less expensive to purchase than prefinished engineered flooring but incurs the addition expense of the floor requiring sanded and polishing on-site which can range from $45.00 to $60.00 per m2 depending on the product used for coating and the size of the job.

Different coatings can give different outcomes on the same timber, please refer to sanding and polishing under services.

Unlike engineered flooring which can be installed directly to a concrete slab (on underlay) Solid Hardwood flooring requires a ply substrate fixed to the slab which can add $50.00 to $60.00 to the cost of solid timber flooring. On a particle or pine solid timber is directly fixed to the substrate incurring no expense for additional substrate.

Solid Hardwood flooring is a significant investment so naturally a huge improvement is the desired outcome, which is why passing the responsibility on to qualified and experienced professionals is just as important decision as all other decisions within the process.

Reds tones from dark to light include:

  • Jarrah
  • Karri
  • Red Gum.
  • Red Mahogany.
  • Sydney Blue Gum
  • Rosegum /Flooded Gum

Browns from dark to light include:

  • Grey Ironbark
  • Turpentine
  • Brushbox
  • Grey Box
  • Spotted Gum (varies from brown to cream)

 Light – brown, cream, pinks, yellows include:

  • Blackbutt
  • Messmate
  • Mountain Ash
  • Stringybark
  • Silvertop Ash
  • Aus Chestnut
  • Southern Beach
  • Tasmainian Oak
  • Victorian Ash

Australian hardwood flooring is the traditional timber flooring option and is the product that engineered flooring tries to replicate.

In addition to a variety of species Australian Hardwood comes in a range of grades and widths and thicknesses.


Along with a variety of sizes, our solid timber flooring is also available in a variety of grades. Below is a brief description of the three common grades available in timber flooring:

SELECT GRADE: Timber contains little to no natural imperfection. Boards are chosen carefully to comply with strict Australian Standards. Depending on individual species, Select Grade has a much more uniform appearance and has a very clean look.

STANDARD GRADE: Timber contains slight to moderate natural imperfections. These imperfections can include timber’s natural features (ie. Gum Knots, Gum Veins, etc.) Depending on individual species, Standard Grade has a little more colour variation between the boards and can have a slightly lower length specification. Pricing is slightly cheaper than Select Grade.

FEATURE GRADE: Timber flooring in a Feature Grade has a very rustic appearance. All natural features and imperfections are permitted. Feature Grade timber flooring is the lowest priced grade. Depending on individual species, colour variation between the boards can be heavy and can contain sapwood. Visit Market Timbers – your local Timber Flooring Melbourne specialist!

Board Sizes:

Widths (millimetres).

60 – 80/85– 130 – 180.  Most commonly used is 80mm wide followed by 130mm wide. Note once a board goes over 130 wide it technically should be top-nailed as opposed to secret nailed.

Thickness (millimetres).

22-19-14-12. Most commonly used thickness is 19mm followed by 14mm Note: 19mm is the minimum structural thickness for spanning joists.

Solid Australian Hardwood from Local Supliers.

Monaro Timber opening times are listed on their website, when first researching you timber projects Monaro Timber’s showroom is a good reference point, Leon or Ken from 5 Star Floors is happy to meet clients at the showroom by appointment for discussion on product options.