Sanding & Polishing Timber Floors

It’s all about attention to detail.

Sanding, polishing and coating timber flooring is a highly specialised skill, formal training and qualifications, diligent care and maintenance of modern specialised sanding machinery (to maximise dust retention etc) up to date industry knowledge above average attention to detail and 18 years of professional experience sanding, polishing and finishing timber floors for hundreds of Canberra home owners and the majority of Canberra’s top end builders and architects has resulted in a team with high standards of workmanship and customer service with a knack for consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Coating Choices

We use a range of coatings and can advise on the characteristics of the different products available. In addition to the different coatings most coatings come in different sheen levels ranging from natural to super gloss.

Water Based Polyurethane

Coatings, 5 Star Floors encourages the use of non-yellowing acrylic polyurethane-based coatings for their durability, low levels of VOC’s (volatile organing compounds), and the quick drying times (meaning less time out of the house for clients). Acrylic polyurethane coatings allow the timber to maintain its natural tone and resulting in a lighter finish than traditional coatings such as Tung Oil and avoids the yellow tones that can result from the single and two pack solvent-based polyurethanes.

Water based polyurethanes are relatively quick drying and odour free, ideal for clients who want to live in the home whilst the works being carried out.

Osmo Hard Oil Wax

A popular product amongst customers who buy re-milled and recycled timber largely as the product is from the same local supliers of re-milled and recycled flooring but also due to the fact that it is very environmentally friendly and very safe to use. 5 Star Floors also promote the use of this product can produce a flat natural finish which is a very popular look. Osmo Hard Oil Wax is easy to re-apply to traffic areas and touching up scratches is a potential DIY on which we are happy to advise.

Typically the Osmo coating process takes 2 – 4 days (in addition to the sanding and finishing process) whilst the process only requires 2 coats and can happen over two days in the warmer months a cold spell can mean that the 1st coat is still sticky the after 24 hours and requires another day to harden up for a polish and final coat.

Modified Tung Oil

Whilst we prefer the low VOC options we do understand that some customers like the deeper colour achieved with Tung Oil coating. We are more than happy to use modified Tung Oil finishes if this is the preference. “Modified Tung Oil” as opposed Natural Tung Oil has a polyurethane additive, whilst still achieving the deeper darker tones of natural Tung Oil the modified Tung Oil last’s many years more than natural Tung Oil before a re-coat or re-sand is required

Solvent Based Polyrethane

In some circumstances we still use polyurethane based coatings, particularly over dark stained floors for it’s compatibility with the proof-tints used in our staining processes.

Modified Tung Oils and solvent based Polyurethane are typically a 2 – 3 day coating process (in addition to the sanding process), again the drying time can be slower in cold weather adding to the time needed for coating.

Stained floors

Direct staining is a good way to add warmth and character to flooring where the natural look of an existing floor is not to the clients taste. From Limed White to Black Japan direct staining is a 5 Star Floors specialty.

Product material safety data sheets and technical information:

Water Based Acrylic Coatings:

Modified Tung Oil and Solvent Based Coatings:

Osmo Hard Oil Wax: