Engineered Flooring: Veneer, Bamboo, Laminates.

Flooring Choices:

Every flooring option has its place based on the usage and the value of a property the flooring is going in to. There are circumstances in which a waterproof laminate may perform better than a strandwoven bamboo and visa-versa.

Issues that can affect flooring range from the size of the rooms (as some products expand and contract more than others) and the type of heating and cooling that’s being used in the home, for example a property with evaporative cooling may require more expansion joints which can determine the direction the boards should be running.

Having installed, sanded & polished, maintained and repaired hundreds of floors in the ACT over the past 16 years as qualified professionals with building trade backgrounds we can answer any questions and offer advice on flooring choices for your home, rental property or workplace.

Engineered Timber Veneer

Envirolux, EnviroFloor, Boral & Quickstep.

Spotted Gum | Blackbutt | Sydney Blue Gum | Brushbox | Grey Ironbark | Jarrah

Supplied and Installed from $150 per m2.

Ideal option for stunning a look in a modern home or unit, particularly on a well levelled concrete slab where solid flooring or Wide Oak would require a ply substrate adding $60 per m2 to the cost of those options.


 A popular hardwearing cost- effective alternative to solid flooring.

Strandwoven, Carbonized, Natural.

  • 14mm x 130mm Supplied and installed from $135.00 per m2

Bamboo has had a bad wrap in the ACT flooring industry in the recent years with some retail outlets taking it out of stock and off their product list.

The reason for this is that Bamboo shrinks more than other engineered products and the fact that it is not directly fixed to the substrate means that if expansion joints aren’t placed in the boards will pop open at the joins.

Even in large areas where there is a carefully placed shrinkage joint in the doorway if the room is large enough shrinkage can cause the edge of the flooring to come in from underneath the skirting board or beading exposing a gap.

Bamboo flooring in standard sized rooms running the boards in the right direction with expansion/shrinkage joints in place at the correct junctions is still a good option for clients wanting a very hard wearing engineered floor.

We believe that there is a place for Bamboo flooring but there are some rules that need to be carefully followed.

Water Proof Laminate

Durable cost-effective available in a range of contemporary tones and popular timber species finishes – Spotted Gum, Blackbutt etc.

Supplied and installed from $120.00 per m2

Waterproof laminate is a great option for anyone considering laminate flooring a little more expensive but when a partly moisture damaged floor often requires the replacement of an entire floor opting for the waterproof option can be money well spent.


Cost-effective available in a wide range of contemporary tones and popular timber species finishes – Spotted Gum, Blackbutt etc.

Supplied and installed from $100.00 per m2.

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