Taking Care of Hardwood Timber Floors

Hardwood flooring is a durable and timelessly classy look for homes that has proven popular over the years. The following tips will ensure that it keeps that stylish look over the years in your home.

  • Shoes off policy

Asking friends to take their boot or high heel shoes off at the door will be less awkward than asking them to pay for the damage later!

  • Dust regularly

A microfibre mop is an effective and easy way of collecting debris, pet hair and other items on your floors. By dusting daily this can be your best defence at preventing future damage to your hardwood floors.

  • Dust before you vacuum

This prevents particles from being pushed around on your floors and causing scratches. Never use a vacuum with a beater bar attachment, since this can scratch the finish on the floor.

  • Polish your floor every two months if it has a surface finish.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for polishing products and follow the instructions exactly to ensure you don’t risk making your warranty null and void.

  • Put down protective rugs and mats.

Always make sure that your rugs are suitable for hardwood floors. You’ll be amazed by how much dirt and debris a mat can collect and can be a lifesaver for your hardwood floors. Shake the mats outside once a week to prevent particle build up.

  • Do a monthly polish

By having a monthly schedule of polishing your hardwood floors is a relatively easy task that pays care and attention to the actual hardwood. Polishing will assist in filling in any microscopic scratches and balances out the floor’s protective service.

  • Do a deep clean

A deep clean or a sand and refinish is recommended every 3 -5 years to refresh your hardwood timber floors and assist in repairing any damage done and leaving you with great looking clean flooring.

  • Products to avoid

Avoid using cleaners that contain soap or wax as they leave unattractive residue on the floors. The old vinegar and water mixture is also best to avoid as it can dull the surface of your floors.

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