Choosing your Timber Floor Colour

  • Think about the lighting.

When you get home with a selected few colour samples, view them during the day and the night – and think about sunlight that may enter the room. When you see the colours at night under artificial light this will give you a different impression about which colour you would prefer for your flooring.

  • Think of the room size.

Choosing the colour of your flooring will have a big impact of the feeling of space you get in your home. Lighter natural floor colours are known to create a feeling of a larger spaces and really opens up a room. Alternatively darker tones can create a warm and cozy smaller feeling space.

  • Will your furniture clash?

Keep in mind the colour of such things as curtains, the lounge suite and furnishings such as coffee table, television unit and dressers. Also ensure the colour doesn’t clash with your kitchen cupboards. Most coloured furniture match with dark or lighter coloured flooring – however if you have red or mahogany furniture it may clash with some flooring colours.

  • Look at the bigger picture.

People tend to make their decisions on timber floor colours based on an empty room. Think about your furniture in the room and think about the feel and style that you want when you are in that room.

  • Visit display homes.

Display homes are a great way to obtain ideas about what flooring colour you think looks good and that would suit the mood you want to create in your own home. To save you the hassle, Five Star Floors can bring our mobile showroom to you for obligation free quotes!

  • Make sure your wall colours are complemented.

You really want to find a wall colour that complements your flooring and brings out the elegance of your new flooring.

Ultimately the colour choice is a personal decision for each homeowner. Either way both dark and light floors work very well and the above information may help you with your choice.


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