It’s all about experience.

Timber flooring installation as a specialist profession that incorporates a multitude of skills and an understanding of how each step will affect the overall finished product, from distributing an even mix of colours and board lengths to how a join is finished under a door jamb.

5 Star Floors has 18 years of experience with the installation of solid and engineered flooring. Your timber floor is a significant investment and you should expect and deserve the best. We pride ourselves in excellent craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

The 5 Star Difference

Whilst the following should be essentials incorporated in to flooring projects they are often overlooked by contractors and suppliers, these and other simple steps which we consider standard can make all the difference when aiming for a professional outcome every time:

  • Careful assessment of the sub-floor for the suitability of a new flooring installation, paying special attention to levels, moisture content ventilation of substructures, presence of damage including termite, dry rot etc.
  • Preparation of the sub-floor, sanding of existing substrates and cleaning/polishing of concrete slabs to maximise adhesion of new flooring.
  • Removal and refit of skirting boards as a standard service, including touching up of paintwork or the supplying new skirting (as opposed to beading or scotia – the only option with most pre-finished flooring outlets).
  • Provision of sealer samples on unfinished flooring to assist in selection of finishes.
  • Provision of or a assistance with associated services, furniture removal, recommendation/organisation of associated trades etc.
  • Careful and considered selection of quality products and materials based on the specific job requirements.
  • Installation of boards by qualified professional installers with an understanding of the customers expectations drawn from what we would expect a professionally installed floor to look like in our own home.

Acclimatising, Moisture Testing and Suitability for Installation

Customers often ask us if the timber needs acclimatising, builders who have been around for decades will often insist that this is a definite requirement (usually without knowing what the moisture content of the timber is or what it should be).

For 18 years we have supplied and installed flooring for builders in homes under construction where acclimatising the material in the house  isn’t an option (ineffective as a home needs operational climate control to achieve acclimatisation of the timber flooring).

Our policy has always been to only source the flooring from mills who kiln dry their product to moisture levels between 9 and 11 %. Whilst this means the timber flooring often is not the cheapest flooring available it is a policy that ensures the flooring is a stable product for installation.

Whilst these suppliers set moisture content levels to a standard for installation it is also 5 Star Floors standard practice to moisture test the material prior to installation.